Vixx- 2016 Season’s Greetings

빅스 웹 상세_이벤트

빅스 웹 상세_이벤트

빅스 웹 상세_이벤트

빅스 웹 상세_이벤트

빅스 웹 상세_이벤트

빅스 웹 상세_이벤트


This 2015 Season’s Greetings consist of

1. 2016 Desk Calendar (210mm x 280mm)- 28 pages
2. 2016 Scheduler (130mm x 190mm)- 256 pages
3. Scheduler cover (273mm x 190mm)- 8 pieces
4. Making DVD
5. New Year Greetings Postcard (130mm x 190mm)-

Size of set- 318mm x 221mm x 34mm

Vixx- 2016 Season Greeting

Code: CMAD10689
Price: $53.00
Status: Pre-order

– Price inclusive of local postage charge in Singapore

– Please add $2.50 for registered post
– Overseas postage will be calculated accordingly

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