K Pop ost Idol Special

K Pop Ost Idol Special


K Pop ost Idol Special

CD 1
01. Hey Girl – B1A4 (The Thousandth Man)
02. Nuga Mworaedo (“No Matter Who”) – Supernova (Jungle Fish 2)
03. Jikyeojulge (“I’ll Protect You”) – Kim Jae Joong (Protect the Boss)
04. Gidarilgeyo (“I’ll Wait for You”) – Seo Hyun (Fashion King)
05. My Love – Park Gyu Ri & Kang Ji Young (Daemul)
06. Loving U – BEAST (All My Love)
07. I Belong To You – MBLAQ (Lie to Me)
08. Deo Saranghandamyeon (“If You Love Me More”) – Ryeo Wook (Spy Myung Wol)
09. Honey Honey – Girl’s Day (The Women of Our Home)
10. Maldo Andwae – Younha (Personal Taste)
11. Sign – Kim Hyung Jun (Late Blossom)
12. I Love You (feat. Miryo) – Narsha (My Fair Lady)
13. Babocheoreom (“Like a Fool”) – 2AM (Personal Taste)

CD 2
01. Nunmulgil (“Path of Tears”) – Chang Min & Seul Ong (Dr. Jin)
02. Dan Haruman (“One Day”) – Ye Sung (Warrior Baek Dong Soo)
03 Deutjyo Geudaereul (“Listen…To You”) – Kyu Hyun (Pasta)
04. Happy Birthday – BEAST (More Charming by the Day)
05. Remember (Drama Version) – Dong Bang Shin Ki (Palace S)
06. Uri Geunyang Saranghage Hae Juseyo (“Let Us Just Love”) – APink (Protect the Boss)
07. Gwiyeoun Neon (“You’re Cute”) – Jung Ah (Pasta)
08. Dalkom, Everyday (“Sweet Everyday”) – Kim Hyung Jun (My Shining Girl)
09. Sarangmandeulgi (“Creating Love”) – 4Minute (Personal Taste)
10. Hot Stuff – Davichi (My Fair Lady)
11. Georeumeul Meomchugo (“Stop Walking”) – Super Junior K.R.Y (Snow Flower)
12. Ppeonppeonhan Geojitmal (“Shameless Lie”) – Heo Ga Yoon (Lie To Me)
13. Dan Hanbeonman (“Just Once”) – Min Ah (Jungle Fish 2)

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