CN Blue- 2gether

CN Blue-2gether Version A

CN Blue-2gether Version A
CN Blue-2gether Version B

CN Blue-2gether Version B

1. 신데렐라 (Cinderella)
2. 숨바꼭질 (Hide and Seek)
3. 롤러코스터(Roller Coaster)
4. Domino(Feat. 휘인 of 마마무)
5. Hero
6. Drunken Night
7. Catch Me
8. Hold My Hand
9. Control
10. Radio
11. 발자국(Footsteps)

CN Blue- 2gether
Code: CMCC10644 (Version A), CMCC10645 (Version B)
Price: $22.00 (without poster)
Status: Pre-order

– Price inclusive of normal postage charge in Singapore.
– For registered post, please add $2.50
– Overseas postage will be calculated accordingly.

Albums are sourced directly from Korea and contributes to the Hanteo chart.

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